We are so excited to be able to offer our new house concert series to our fans!  This is truly a fabulous way to get to know our fans, make new friends, share our art and to help good happen in the world all at the same time.  Every house concert offers the host a chance to give a portion of the proceeds to their favorite cause, charity or fundraising effort!  

What is a House Concert?

A house concert is a fun get-together which you can host in your own home, a common community room, or even your backyard!  Your friends, co-workers, family, neighbors and acquaintances gather in your home to watch a concert performed by The Fawn & the Flame.   Mind you, this isn't "background music" at your party. This is an actual CONCERT.  Your guests will be front-and-center in an intimate setting, listening to two sets of our original music, played acoustically.  Your guests will get a chance to mingle with us, ask questions, and even book a future house concert of their own if they'd like!

Who Can Host a House Concert?

Anyone with a place to crash can host a house concert.  Whether you live in an apartment, a small house, or a very large home...you can host your very own house concert!  Concerts can range between 15-50 people.  You'd be surprised how many people you can actually fit into your quaint little living room!  

Does a House Concert Cost Money?

For the host, this event is completely FREE, and it offers a chance for you to give a portion of the proceeds earned to the charity or fundraising effort of your choice.  Your guests will pay a suggested donation price to attend your event.  How elaborate you'd like your party to be is totally up to you!  You can serve something as simple as cookies and lemonade, or coordinate a potluck dinner with drinks.  

Want to Learn More About Hosting Your Own Concert?