The Fawn & the Flame is an indie duo from Minneapolis that consists of two singer/songwriters, Jonathan Benson & Carey Keavy. Jonathan & Carey come together to create a smooth blend of blues, folk and pop rock in an acoustic duo which channels bands like The Civil Wars, and The Head and the Heart.  Both bring their own unique style to the table, and meld together in an almost effortless partnership featuring gorgeous harmonies and exploring the angst of all things love, life and broken hearts.  

About Carey Keavy
Carey's musical stint began as a solo artist, and she later formed the band, 9/10 of Whatever, and then the three-piece, Faun the Flame.  In 2015, Carey released her first solo EP, Distant Lands. 

About Jonathan Benson
Jonathan Benson has been in the Minneapolis music scene for many years.  Lending his musical talents to many artists like Courtney Yasmineh, and Tim Houlihan. Jonathan is also an incredible singer-songwriter, and has released  solo albums as well.