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We're at Honey This Tuesday! 2/23 


Come see the ALL NEW The Fawn & the Flame this Tuesday at Honey in Minneapolis! 

We will be joined by our awesome friend, Brian Larson who is so comfortable onstage, he makes it seem like boiling eggs, or blinking, or breathing or some other automated body function that we can't think of right now. 

We have a BRAND NEW SONG we will be unveiling that night.  The first one we've written together, called "Ghost."  We think you will like it! 

See you soon! 

<3 Carey 

Honey is located at 205 East Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis MN 55414

House Concert Series Launch 

Introducing our BRAND SPANKING NEW house concert series, "House Concerts for the Common Good."  You get to host a concert in your home, and support your favorite charity or fundraising cause while having a blast with your friends and family!  What's a House Concert?

We will be launching our house concert series with a concert held in Carey's home, and you can pre-order your tickets NOW!


Podcast Appearance and Other News 


Greetings Super Fans!

I hope you are all doing well and staying warm this holiday season!  I know it's a crazy busy time for most of us.  I sincerely hope you can find some time to bask in the awesomeness this season truly is!  It's difficult to avoid being virtually swallowed whole by the stress of it all, but we should try hard not to!  

I am really very excited to announce a few new things that are in the works....

I Just Appeared on a Podcast

I just had a guest appearance on my very favorite podcast with Bree Noble.  The episode JUST aired a few days ago, so I thought I would pass it along to you.  It was an honor to be featured on this show, as Bree is doing awesome things for women in music.  You can listen to the podcast by clicking below.

I Quit My Day Job

A big leap in my life which I am pumped to tell you about, I have recently quit my full-time job in marketing to pursue music more fully.  I have taken on a part-time marketing job, and will have time now to devote myself to recording, producing, writing and more.  Woot woot (yep, I just said woot woot)!

Launching My New Band Project, "The Fawn & the Flame"

Also, an update on my new guy/girl duo project!  I told you a few months back I was restructuring things.  Well, Ross Weinstein (who was formerly in the band) is now in a producing role for my new project, "The Fawn & the Flame."  

Basically, I have decided that all music of mine will fall under this umbrella.  So, you will slowly see this transition happen.  I am collaborating with an amazing songwriter and musician, Jon James Benson as the other half of The Fawn & the Flame.  Jon James and I will be debuting our collaboration this Friday! He will also be opening with a set of his own original music.  We'd love for you to join us at Blackwater Cafe in Maple Plain this Friday night at 7pm.

Looking Forward to Launching My New House Concert Program Soon

Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of my new house concert program coming soon!  I will be giving fans an opportunity to invite their friends to hang out with me at their house, and raise money for YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY OR CAUSE!  If you are interested in this idea, let me know and I will let you be first in line to learn more!

So, exciting things in the pipeline!  Thank you for making all this possible!  You are amazing!

Talk soon!
<3 Carey
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Upcoming Show Lineup 

Here are some upcoming shows....hope you can make one or twelve. Some of my fave...Blackwater on 11/13 featuring the two girls I've been mentoring, Abby & Grace Marshall,11/19 at 318 with the AWESOME Brian Larson, and THE BIG DEBUT of my new project The Fawn & the Flame on 12/11!

Don't Be a Douche 

Hello My Beautiful SuperFans ( I even think you're beautiful when you first wake up in the morning),

Well, I am pretty freaking pumped about tomorrow night's show!  I get to share the stage with some very talented songwriters at Honey in Minneapolis.   Courtney Yasmineh and Tim Houlihan will be pulling it back ALL ACOUSTIC AND STUFF.  No gimmicks.  No smokescreens.  Just the raw vulnerability of three songwriters pouring their hearts out to you, the amazing audience.  

Do you really want to miss the life-changing opportunity to see all of us completely EMOTIONALLY NAKED?!?!??

If you're really lucky...maybe Courtney will even take off her leather jacket during her set.  I've personally seen her do it.  It's not unlikely.  Sexy triceps, anyone?

I've also heard tales of Tim performing in such a vulnerable way, you can practically see his left ventricle through his shirt on a well-lit night.  

And, I'm not completely above pulling a well-rehearsed wardrobe malfunction stunt if it means making your life a little richer.  I'm kind of a giver like that.

You won't want to miss this show!  If you do, it's likely you'll need to spend many of your future years in intensive therapy to overcome the reeling regret of having missed a night like this. I'm pretty sure if Freud were alive, he'd certainly recommend coming to the show. And let's face it, you'd be a total douche to disobey the post-mortem wishes of the late Father of Psychology. The moral of this story?  Don't be a douche.  Sigmund says so.

<3 Carey