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Raise Money for Your Cause or Fundraiser! 

Hello Friends, 

We hope the new year has rung in for you in a BIG and GLORIOUS way! We are plugging away at things behind the scenes to meet some of our 2017 goals! 

Carey's resolution this year involves donating more time and money to charitable efforts.  You can help her reach that goal by considering hosting a house concert in your home, and a LARGE PORTION (up to 60%) will go to your fundraiser or cause. 

We will help you raise money for mostly ANYTHING!  Medical bills, pet surgery costs, school trips, or for any cause you'd like. 

It's easy...and FREE for the host. 

So, click below to learn more about how it works, and let us know if you want to hang out with us at your house!  I can't think of anything more fun than getting to know our fans better while doing good for humankind! 

Learn More About Hosting a House Concert 

<3 The Fawn & the Flame 

P.S.  We are just starting our studio work on a BRAND NEW SONG!  We'll keep you updated!

New Song & Turkey Coma Relief 

Hello Friends, 

We have missed you!  Life has been filled with all kinds of adulting things, and oh, how we love adulting. :/. Adulting and taxes are our all-time fave things. 

We wanted to let you know a few things!  Carey just released a fun little song about two robots who fell in love while waiting in line to get their ray guns to take over the world.  If you're into terrible whistling and cyborg dominance, you're going to love "Serendipity!"  Grab it by clicking below: 

Click Here

And, in our typical controlling fashion, we have a suggestion* about how you should spend your time AFTER the turkey coma this year...come see us live at Lee's Liquor Lounge on Nov. 28!  We are making a rare public appearance and vow to you that we will wear deodorant.  At least, on one side of our bodies. 

We would love to hang out and catch up!  Talk soon. 

*Do it, or else.

<3 The Fawn & the Flame 


We Have a Pandora Station! Woot! 

We're pretty excited about this! It's pretty interesting to see what Pandora picked to go along with us on our channel!  Feist, Band of Horses and She & Him to name a few.  Luckily, these are some of Carey's fave bands!